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Author’s Serenity Prayer

Well, I don’t exactly have a prayer. Other than, “Please God, let me finish this re-write by the deadline.” I’d really like to reflect on the things in my writing life that I can and can’t control. Be forewarned–this is … Continue reading

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Pumpkins & Dressing & Yams, Oh My!

It’s time for that annual Thanksgiving ritual of the cooking & baking frenzy. I’m not even hosting the feast this year and I’m still in a tizzy over my culinary chores. I’ve signed on to bake a pumpkin pie, make … Continue reading

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Unusual Hobbies

If you’ve read the bio on my website, you know I wanted to be a writer from a pretty young age. But like everyone else, I dabbled in the occasional odd hobby–troll doll fashion shows in elementary school, community choir … Continue reading

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The Glamorous Life of an Author…Heh

I roll out of bed at 10am and eat a few bonbons. My special assistant dresses me in my Gucci (I’m old school) and arranges my coiffure, then brings me a few delicacies for breakfast. After I’ve finished my pot … Continue reading

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Living with Critters

I live in a semi-rural area, so close encounters of the wild animal kind are pretty common. There was the skunk hanging out under our back deck who got rousted by the neighbor’s dachshund. El stinko for several days in … Continue reading

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7th Grade Memories

Back when I first entered kindergarten, my mom did mild bit of forgery on my hospital birth certificate to get me into school a year early. So, I was 4 when I started kindergarten, 5 starting 1st grade, 6 at … Continue reading

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Brand Shiny New

Be gentle. I’m a complete babe-in-the-woods-newbie to WordPress. I’ve blogged upon occasion here and there for a few years, but I’ve never had a blog all my very own. I’ll do my best to keep it piping hot fresh and … Continue reading

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