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What do you mean, I need conflict?

I’ve been trolling through my storehouse of articles I wrote in the past, looking for likely material for my blog. This is partly out of sheer laziness (easier to rewrite something already written than write new), but also because there … Continue reading

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My #ArmchairBEA Interview

The lovely Melissa Montovani of YA Book Shelf sent me five questions to answer for my very own #ArmchairBEA interview. You can follow Melissa on Twitter at @YABookShelf. 1. You sold your first novel in the romance genre back in … Continue reading

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#ArmchairBEA Intro

I’m a latecomer to ArmchairBEA, so I have some catching up to do. I would have loved to attend BEA this year because I love NYC. Yes, very corny and cliche, but for me ’tis true. I was lucky enough … Continue reading

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Where in the World Do My Characters Live?

First, full disclosure—I am the polar opposite of a pantser (that is, a writer who just sits down and starts writing with no preparation).  As a former software engineer, I plan out my books to the nth degree before I … Continue reading

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Foreshadowing vs. Telegraphing

Earlier today, while working on my WIP (work in progress for you non-writers out there), I got to thinking about the difference between foreshadowing and telegraphing. Although they’re both writing devices in which an author sets up something that will … Continue reading

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Gender Bias in Children’s Books?

There’s been some discussion on Twitter (and I imagine elsewhere) about a recently released study revealing gender inequality in children’s literature. The study looked at nearly 6000 children’s books published from 1900 to 2000. They discovered that even in children’s … Continue reading

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Can You Be TOO Honest?

To say I am a lousy liar is an understatement. I find it nearly impossible to even fudge the truth. In fact, sometimes I bore people to tears (or thoroughly confuse them) with my compulsion to include every detail when … Continue reading

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