After You Die–Who’s on the Boat?

My father-in-law passed away unexpectedly on June 12th. He was 83 and not in the best of health, but he was living a full life–active on the Internet, ballroom dance once a week. He was a bon vivant, loved his wife, children and grandchildren, and thought his new great-granddaughter was the most gorgeous baby on the planet. As her grandmother, I have to agree.

My f-i-l had been an avid sailor for years, and when he lived in Southern California was a longtime member of a sailing club. So it’s not surprising that he expressed a wish to have his ashes scattered at sea. My husband has been the point man for this aspect of the funeral service and after much angst and stress has found an L.A. area boat in Marina del Rey that will take us out into the marina so we can fulfill my f-i-l’s last wishes.

Here’s the thing. My husband had a choice between two boats–one that holds 100 passengers and one that holds only 20 passengers. He decided on the one that holds 20. Which means we will have to consider who among family and friends will take my f-i-l on his last journey. We will be hosting a brunch afterward which can include more than the 20, but there’s no fudging on the boat’s passenger limit.

So it got me to thinking–who would be the 20 on my boat? If I had my ashes scattered at sea and chartered this boat, who would I choose? The family part is easy–my husband, my three sisters and their two spouses, my two sons, my d-i-l and granddaughter (if she’s old enough). I’m half-way there. My step-mom, of course, she’s both family and dear friend. Room for 9 more.

My d-i-l’s parents have become good friends, so I’d want to include them. Then there’s Leland, a 40-year-plus friend (we even went to kindergarten together) would have to be there.  There are enough other close friends who would finish off the group or maybe some of the nieces/nephews would want a place on that voyage.

Not an easy choice. Am I’m forgetting anyone? Someone that later I would think, gosh, how could I have not included them?

So who would you choose? Who are the 20 people who would be on your boat?

About karensandler

Lover of chocolate. A couple felines short of full-fledged Cat Lady. Author of the YA Tankborn Trilogy (TANKBORN, AWAKENING, and REBELLION), from Tu Books. Founding team member of We Need Diverse Books. Opinions expressed here are my own.
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One Response to After You Die–Who’s on the Boat?

  1. Robin Clark says:

    Well, at least I have a small family! 🙂 At this point, no DILs or grandchildren, but sure hope to have some before I take that last boat ride. I’d invite my lifetime friend Cheryl, and some of you Rescue ladies if you’re kicking around after me. Good food for thought Karen! I hope that the service/brunch goes well.

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