Dance Camp – Settling In

The first day is relatively easy. We got ourselves registered around 4pm, then some helping hands (my son and a young volunteer) helped us schlep stuff up to the room. You’ll see from the picture below it’s a typical dorm room, and just as messy as any college kid’s room.

Because the camp-sponsored meals don’t start until Monday morning, a group of us headed out to dinner, looking for a place hubby had spotted on the way in. Due to faulty directions (mine), everyone promptly got lost. When we’d finally all gathered, it turned out the chosen restaurant was closed and we had to regroup at a Mexican place.

Dance camp starts at 8pm on Sunday with a program of old favorites danced to a live band. After the old favorites, each of the camp instructors give a sample of what they plan to teach, offering up an easy (sort of) dance. Eight instructors means eight dances taught (twelve if you count both square dances, the contra, and the last waltz), so that part of the evening wasn’t over until 10:30pm. It was followed by the after party which we passed on, although we could hear it since our room overlooks the courtyard that’s outside the party room.

This morning (Monday), the program officially began, with four class sessions in the morning, a cultural assembly and special workshops in the afternoon. I spent the first hour of classes babysitting my beautiful granddaughter, then took three classes–Vintage dance, Portuguese and Israeli. All fun, but in Israeli I learned (mostly) this wild-crazy dance I’d seen my daughter-in-law do that I’d always wanted to learn (Adama Veshamayim). I’d also planned to attend the “What’s Hot in Europe” workshop, but I was kind of dazed after my nap, so I missed out. I’m hoping to catch it tomorrow.

If you’re not an official photographer here, you can’t take pics during the classes, so I don’t have much to share yet. Later in the week, I should have some cool photos of folks in their costumes.

The pictures below, in order: (1) registration, (2) our very messy dorm room, (3) the big ballroom, (4) flags hung behind the stage in the ballroom, and (4) a map showing where the instructors are from.

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One Response to Dance Camp – Settling In

  1. Robin Clark says:

    I like the flags that adorn the walls! Nice touch.

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