A Day in Amsterdam

We took the train into Amsterdam yesterday where we ate two meals, visited two museums and met two new friends who were from two different countries (heh). We started the day with lunch at Renzo’s, an Italian deli with a selection of yummy pasta dishes. You pick and choose what you want–a little of this, a little of that. They warm it for you as needed, then serve it up. Since there were no tables available in the small place, we ate on benches outside. Quite delish.

Afterward, we walked to the Van Gogh Museum and my husband and I went inside while my brother and sister-in-law ran errands. They’d recently visited the museum.

Van Gogh has always been a favorite of mine and it was marvelous seeing so many of his famous artworks displayed right in front of me. There are of course no photos allowed, but I have memories to take home.

After the Van Gogh museum, we did some wandering around the city (I bought some Dutch tulip bulbs) until the entry time for our ticket into the Anne Frank House. That is a moving and somewhat horrifying exhibit. To have lived that life, hidden away as such a young girl with the threat of discovery by the Nazis at any moment is unimaginable. I’m claustrophobic and the close spaces were sometimes difficult for me to navigate.

After Anne Frank, we met up with two friends of our in-laws, Cassandra and Marco. She’s from the U.S. and he’s from Italy. We headed off across the city to Pak Nam Pho, a Thai restaurant tucked away in an alley. Although the food took forever to be served (small place, one cook), it was fabulous (phad thai & red beef curry). It was so tasty I ate far more than I should have and was completely stuffed.

After saying our goodbyes to Cassandra and Marco, we headed back to the train station. We had good transportation karma–we caught the train just before it departed and the bus we needed at the other end pulled up right after we arrived. So we got back to the house speedily where I collapsed into bed.

Pictures here.

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