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RTW – The Best Book I Read in November

I just finished a post on why I love reading e-books and scheduled it for this coming Saturday. I mention this because YA Highway’s Road Trip Wednesday prompt for today is What’s the best book you read in November? and … Continue reading

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5 Things I’d Tell My Teen Self

A lot of time has passed since my teen years. They were decades & decades ago, and you would think the memories might have been washed away by the intervening events in my life. I’ve finished college, worked at all … Continue reading

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Happy Turkey Day

To those in the U.S., happy Thanksgiving! I hope whatever you feast on Thursday is abundant, delicious and entirely to your liking. Even that weird green bean casserole with the funny crunchy stuff on top. Now I’m off to make … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Where We Come From

My husband and I do genealogy as a hobby. My husband more than me because his relatives are much more organized. He got a head start with a cousin who’d explored that particular branch of the family in great detail. … Continue reading

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RTW – Required Reading

YA Highway this week wonders what books I might recommend as required reading in a high school English/Literature class. You gotta figure that the first title that springs to mind is Tankborn, because a girl’s gotta promote. But actually, if … Continue reading

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What’s Science Got to Do With It?

Last Thursday, #MGlitchat’s topic of the week was science fiction in middle grade books. I write YA rather than MG, but I was kind of jonesing for a writerly discussion (and science fiction is a subject dear to my heart), … Continue reading

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RTW – Writing Superpowers & Kryptonite

YA Highway¬† is such a great blog that I decided to make their Road Trip Wednesday prompts a regular part of my own blog. Today they ask, What are your writing & publishing superpowers and what is your kryptonite? I … Continue reading

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Embryonic TANKBORN (How a Script Became a Book, Part 2)

Screenwriting is an entirely different world than the publishing world. The most obvious difference is the format–a script looks entirely different from a book manuscript. In a film script, dialogue is set off in blocks with wider margins. The dialogue … Continue reading

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RTW – The Evil Blue Pencil Lady as Writing Coach

I got the nickname “Evil Blue Pencil Lady” from my kids back when I was homeschooling them. It wasn’t that I was a meanie when I would edit their work (I critiqued the writer and not the person), but I … Continue reading

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