RTW – Writing and the Change of the Seasons

This week, YA Highway‘s Road Trip Wednesday asks, How does your writing (place, time, inspiration) change with the seasons?

It’s a great question but I’m afraid I don’t have a particularly great answer. As a writer, my routine is kind of boring, and, well, routine. I don’t change anything with the seasons.

I just sit at the same computer, in the same office, and whether I’m under contract and working on a deadline, or writing some spec piece, I just…write. I work nearly every day. There are times I take a break (like between contracts) when I go a few days or even a week or so without writing. But then a new contract starts or I settle in on a new spec project and I’m back to the routine.

Ye Olde Grindstone

I confess, I’m not exactly sure what I would do differently. I don’t find any particular season any more inspiring than another. If I’m on deadline, I just work. I do dislike deadlines that around Christmas (like if something is due in January), because I just want to kick back and bake cookies and decorate my tree and enjoy the season. But it’s not like I suddenly get ideas for holiday stories.

Am I boring or what? At least my son, who’s got a YA circulating out there and is currently working on a MG book, goes out on the back deck to write on lovely summer days. I just stay in my cubicle, taking root and growing mushrooms between my toes.

I really want to hear from other people on this. Do you have a seasonal ebb and flow with your creativity? Do you write differently at different times of the year? Drop me a line. I’d appreciate a break from my grindstone.

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Lover of chocolate. A couple felines short of full-fledged Cat Lady. Author of the YA Tankborn Trilogy (TANKBORN, AWAKENING, and REBELLION), from Tu Books. Founding team member of We Need Diverse Books. Opinions expressed here are my own.
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4 Responses to RTW – Writing and the Change of the Seasons

  1. anonymous says:

    I don’t think I write differently at different times of the year either, though summer gets busy and my schedule gets interrupted more as well as around the holidays but I try to stick to my writing schedule all year and November I try to do NanoWriMo and write more than usual.

  2. I don’t do anything different too. Same old, same old. Just butt in the chair, hands on keyboard lol

  3. Colin says:

    You are not alone, Karen! I, too, do the same thing pretty much all year. My writing and writing habits aren’t generally affected by the seasons.

  4. Samantha says:

    Ohh gosh i feel like I must be in the minority here! My writing and daily writing habits are completely affected by the seasons/weather!

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