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I Have No Idea What to Blog About, So I’m Posting Pictures of Cats

You thought I was kidding, didn’t you? You thought you’d click through on that link and you’d maybe find a cat picture or two, but the rest of this post would be filled with meaty, substantial advice about writing, or … Continue reading

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Beware the Facebook Ads

Like a lot of people, I use Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends. I also use it to promote myself as an author, although I’ve found it to be pretty ineffective in that respect (as I posted … Continue reading

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Never Eat Popcorn at a Book Signing, and Other Tips

I’ve done a fair number of book signings, sometimes alone, sometimes with other authors. I’ve done them in bookstores, at libraries, and outdoors. I’ve done talks and then signed my books, or just sat at a table with my books … Continue reading

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My Characters’ Miserable Lives & NOT Drawing from Personal Experience

A good friend of mine emailed me recently. She’d just finished reading Clean Burn, my crime novel from Exhibit A. Clean Burn’s heroine, Janelle Watkins, is, shall we say, edgy. Janelle comes from an abusive childhood, is twitchy and dark, … Continue reading

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Rules of Dance, Rules of Life

For the last ten years or so, my husband and I have been folk dancing. We were pulled into it by our younger son, who started folk dancing in high school. For those who have never done it, folk dancing … Continue reading

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Any Excuse for a Celebration

In my family, any holiday was an excuse for a party, and usually included a table full of food. New Year’s Day was ham and potato salad, Easter featured deviled eggs and bunny cakes (and plenty of candy since Lent … Continue reading

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Promo Efforts–What Really Works?

Just a quick post today. I’m under deadline on the follow-up book to Clean Burn (buy it here), the second in the Janelle Watkins Private Investigation series from Exhibit A. I really need to be working on Janelle’s latest case … Continue reading

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