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Rules of Dance, Rules of Life

For the last ten years or so, my husband and I have been folk dancing. We were pulled into it by our younger son, who started folk dancing in high school. For those who have never done it, folk dancing … Continue reading

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In My Father’s Footsteps

There was a book I read when I was maybe 7 or 8 in which the boy character is taking a walk with his father. The boy tries to match his father’s stride, to place his feet right alongside his … Continue reading

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Dance Camp – Last Thoughts & Talent Show

For some reason, the first few days of dance camp seem to go by more slowly, maybe because there are so many days ahead, it seems to be wonderfully endless. We’ll just keep dancing and dancing, learning new steps and … Continue reading

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Dance Camp – Once-a-Year Friends

Stockton CA, where Folk Dance Camp takes place, is fairly close to where I live (about an hour-and-a-half drive). That means that many of my local dance community also attend. It’s nice to see at camp the familiar faces of … Continue reading

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Dance Camp – Costumes!

  The general schedule of classes here is four sessions in the morning from 8am to about 12:30, then lunch, then cultural assembly and workshops from 1:30pm-5pm, then time for dinner (or naps if you haven’t gotten one earlier). Some … Continue reading

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Dance Camp – Settling In

The first day is relatively easy. We got ourselves registered around 4pm, then some helping hands (my son and a young volunteer) helped us schlep stuff up to the room. You’ll see from the picture below it’s a typical dorm … Continue reading

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