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RTW – What Makes a Book a Movie?

This week, YA Highway’s Road Trip Wednesday offers up the blog prompt What is it that makes some books ideal for a film translation? I feel a little like that kid in class whose teacher finally asks a question she … Continue reading

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Fave Books–A Progress Report

It’s really too early to list my favorite books for the year. But I have realized there’s one cool aspect to owning a Kindle. It keeps track of all the books in my library. And since I’ve only read a … Continue reading

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Dystopias & Apocalyptic Dreams

Two or three times a year, I have a post-apocalyptic dream. Not recurring; it’s different every time. Some disaster has occurred on earth. I’m living with my family under a freeway underpass or in a cave. My life as I … Continue reading

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The Right to Choose What I Read

I’m new to young adult literature. That is, I’m new as an author. Of course I read YA books as a kid, pretty much picking and choosing at will from the school library. That’s how I ended up reading decidedly … Continue reading

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