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Give Every Scene a Purpose

The other day, I gave a talk to a high school class about how I did the world-building for my SF book Tankborn. This was a creative writing class, and the students were very motivated to learn more about how … Continue reading

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RTW – Best Book in April

A very late entry into YA Highway’s Road Trip Wednesday. I’ve been out all day, some of that time spent speaking to a fantastic high school creative writing class. So much fun. But I’ve got to give my pitch for … Continue reading

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Tolerance vs. Acceptance

The other day, I got into a discussion with someone about how students are taught tolerance in school rather than acceptance. That hit home with me and got me thinking about the difference between tolerance and acceptance. Of course we … Continue reading

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RTW – Images That Inspire

This week’s prompt on YA Highway‘s Road Trip Wednesday is What images inspire/ represent your WIP or favorite book? This one is pretty easy because my publisher, Lee and Low, hired an artist to draw some of the creatures and … Continue reading

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A Girl in Shop Class

The other day, I was listening to an interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson on NPR’s Science Friday. (side note: I am madly in love with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. If I wasn’t already married, I would woo Neil). Anyway, he got … Continue reading

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RTW – Who Do You Love?

This week, YA Highway asks Who has helped you on your reading/writing/publishing journey? I’ve given that considerable thought (at least the last five minutes) and as is often the case, I can’t come up with just one. There have been … Continue reading

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