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Embryonic TANKBORN (How a Script Became a Book, Part 1)

I think the question authors are asked most often is “Where do you get your ideas?” Unless I’m being flip (“Mail order. Three for a buck for the hackneyed ones, a couple hundred for a really stellar concept), I find … Continue reading

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Life on Hold

I hate waiting. I don’t like standing in line, or waiting for a publisher to respond to a query or proposal, or for an exciting event that’s coming up. About the only time I enjoy waiting is on a lake … Continue reading

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We lost my father-in-law in June. My mother-in-law passed just two weeks ago. Now my dad, who’s been suffering from Alzheimer’s for five years, is in his last days. Please go hug the ones you love.

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The Myriad Ways People Touch Our Lives

My mother-in-law’s funeral is today. I’ve known her for 30+ years. For the first decade or so, we lived fairly close so I saw her more often, then we moved 400 or so miles away and our visits were more … Continue reading

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Fave Books–A Progress Report

It’s really too early to list my favorite books for the year. But I have realized there’s one cool aspect to owning a Kindle. It keeps track of all the books in my library. And since I’ve only read a … Continue reading

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