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After You Die–Who’s on the Boat?

My father-in-law passed away unexpectedly on June 12th. He was 83 and not in the best of health, but he was living a full life–active on the Internet, ballroom dance once a week. He was a bon vivant, loved his … Continue reading

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God is Not in the Business of Denying Love

One of the folks I follow on Twitter, @supertailz, tweeted that the “protections” in the same sex marriage bill being considered in NY sounded pretty draconian (“looked awful” is how she put it). Then she wondered in her tweet “Why … Continue reading

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When the Neighborhood Thug is a Black Cat

I am a dyed in the wool cat lover. I have three, two of which I’ve managed to persuade to be indoor-only and a third who’s an old guy and still set in his indoor-outdoor ways. Even still, he stays … Continue reading

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RTW-Guess This Pitch

Road Trip Wednesday this week for YA Highway is a “Blog Carnival,” where they’re asking bloggers to post an elevator pitch of one of their fave books. Your job, readers, is to guess which book I’m pitching and to post … Continue reading

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The Right to Choose What I Read

I’m new to young adult literature. That is, I’m new as an author. Of course I read YA books as a kid, pretty much picking and choosing at will from the school library. That’s how I ended up reading decidedly … Continue reading

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Character Interviews

First of all, I want to make it clear that I do not talk out loud to my characters (nope, not me…that’s not my voice you hear drifting from my office). But since it’s important to get to know my … Continue reading

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